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Laura Levenhagen RN, WCMT, CST, BCTMB
Madison, Oconomowoc, Craniosacral Therapy,
My background is in traditional health care.  I became a Registered Nurse in 1986 and worked in many areas of nursing; ER, clinic, hospital staff and charge nurse, home care and hospice.  My work with hospice patients created an interest in a deeper spiritual realm - I learned from the dying what was really important about living.  In 2000 I decided to pursue an avenue of health care that would empower individuals to get more in touch with their body and self-healing by becoming a massage therapist. In massage school I was exposed to the holistic benefits of CranioSacral therapy.  It was there I discovered how to listen with my hands to the wisdom inside my clients' bodies and allowing this wisdom to guide me as I worked with them.  In the last 17 years I've increased my skills through extensive training in the Upledger CranioSacral Therapy class curriculum.  I  am an Advanced-level CST practitioner and successfully completed the Techniques Certification Process. Please see
My intention is to help clients release deeply held tension patterns through CST and therapeutic massage, ease pain and stress, and support the body's natural healing process.  
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