Integrative Wellness LLC - Listening to the wisdom in your body
Reiki classes

I teach the Usui and Aquarian system of Reiki with an emphasis on discovering and developing your intuition. 

Reiki I- Learn the basic principles of Reiki, how to
treat self and others, hand positions, scanning,
receive the attunement to level I
Reiki II -Learn 2 methods of Absentee Healing,
instruction on the use of traditional Usui and Aquarian
Reiki symbols, advanced scanning, receive the
attunement for level II
Reiki III -2 levels:  Master Practitioner learns more
advanced symbols and mantras, works more in-depth
with energy and receives the third attunement; the 
Master Teacher level student receives the fourth level
of attunement and learns how to teach and attune
students.  The Master Teacher dedicates her life to
practice, teach and live Reiki.

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