Integrative Wellness LLC - Listening to the wisdom in your body

Therapeutic Services
Each session is unique and individualized to promote healing, relaxation and connection with your inner wisdom.  Many clients come for energy work, others for massage,  some clients like a blend of both.
Your session may include:
*CranioSacral Therapy
*Gentle intuitive massage
*Chinese cupping for deep tissue work
*Hot stone massage or hot packs
*Young Living Essential Oils
*Crystal Therapy
Fees:  60 minutes  $75
           75 minutes   $90
           90 minutes   $105

Sliding Scale Fees considered.  Please talk to me prior to your appointment.          

I encourage first-time clients to schedule a 75 or 90 minute session.  Many regular clients enjoy a 90 minute session regularly for a full body massage and energy balancing.

Integrative Massage -a gentle, individualized massage guided by the wisdom in your body.  A typical combination may include massage, hot rocks, chinese cupping and energy work to relax and balance body, mind and spirit.  A 90-minute session works best for this.
Reiki-an ancient energy healing method that improves health by increasing the flow of Universal Life Force Energy.  The body uses this energy to
     - Relieve stress and anxiety
     - Treat chronic or acute pain
     - Energize the endocrine and immune system
     - Balance and harmonize the body
     - Speed recovery from illness and surgery
     - Promote the mind/body connection
     - Release old patterns and facilitate personal
 For more information:
CranioSacral Therapy -a gentle healing modality that involves the evaluation and release of restrictions in the dural membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord.  This allows the central nervous system to perform at its best.  For more information go to
 CST can be effective in relieving
     - Migraines and headaches
     - Chronic neck and back pain
     - Chronic fatigue
     - Fibromyalgia
     - TMJ Syndrome
     - ADD/ADHD
Chinese Cupping - the use of traditional chinese suction cups (suction created with a vacuum gun, not flame) during massage to soften tight muscles, lift connective tissue, remove congestion and increase blood flow.  This is a gentle, relaxing way to accomplish deep tissue work without pain.
May leave a temporary discoloration on the skin due to toxins and old blood being brought to the surface.
Hot Stone Massage/Hot packs-enjoy the nurturing sensation of hot stones melting the tension in your body.  May be part of a back/shoulder/neck massage or placed stationary over areas of tension.
Young Living Essential Oils-I may use therapeutic grade oils to assist in your healing experience.
Crystal Therapy - Laying-on-of-stones to increase healing energy during the session 

Nursing Services -  I am a certified provider of health care services under Wisconsin Medicaid for private duty nursing services with prior approval through the Wisconsin Department Of Health Services.

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