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How CranioSacral Therapy can help Post-Covid and Long-Covid Symptoms

Thank you Dr. Upledger for developing CranioSacral Therapy! One of the ways this work has benefitted humanity is during our current Covid 19 pandemic. I have treated numerous people with Post-Covid and Long-Covid symptoms, often with resolution of their problems.

Rebecca (not her real name) a usually very healthy 33 year old came in after contracting Covid despite vacination and boosters. She was very ill for a week and then began to feel better but complained of residual head fog, lightheadedness, body aches, fatique, unusual headaches, disturbed sleep, cough, decreased taste and smell. What concerned her the most though, was a profound change in mental health - not depressed exactly, but lacking joy and motivation - feeling apathetic. After 2 hours of CranioSacral Therapy all her symptoms resolved and she felt "as if the storm lifted and the rainbow appeared". Other clients Post-Covid report lingering head and sinus pressure, congestion, ear pain and headaches respond positively to CST.

Post-Covid and Long-Covid symptoms are just examples of the many conditions that CST can help. For more information and case studies go to

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